5 Tips for Looking Amazing in Photos


Packing for a trip to the beach the other day, my eye was drawn to my row of knee-high boots and a stack of cozy-looking winter sweaters. As much as I love summer, fall is my absolute favorite time of year. The changing leaves, softer light and longer shadows make for gorgeous photos. Fall also means it’s time for family photo sessions. Moms spend a lot of time coordinating family photos, be it schedules, outfits or attitudes. And as a mom, I get how important it is for YOU to look great in these photos, along with everyone else. Read on for 5 tips to ensure you look your absolute best.

1) Make that Make-Up Work. The trick with make-up for photos is to wear enough to highlight your lovely features, but not so much that it is overwhelming or distracting. This means steering clear of really bright lip shades and overly heavy eye shadows. A natural lip shade or light gloss is nice as dry, washed out lips are not pretty and challenging to fix in re-touch. A foundation or concealer, dusted with a bronzer or blush ensures even skin tones and reduces any shine that the camera will pick up and emphasize. Eyes look nice with definition – mascara and a liner with a neutral shadow. I also love this eye brightening pencil from Benefit. It’s easy to use and brings light and lift to your whole face.


2) What to Wear. I get this question a lot. So much so that I’m planning a separate post to discuss it in detail. For now, my main advice is to wear something that you feel beautiful in. The confidence will radiate through and when you’re confident and relaxed, the whole session becomes more authentic and real – and those are the photos that are magic. 

3) Lower that Chin. The positioning of your chin can make a big difference in how your photos look.  Generally, lowering your chin just slightly creates a more flattering photo. Most photographers will happily cue you to do this, but it doesn’t hurt to keep it in the back of your mind. You might also try a few iphone shots before, tilting your chin slightly up or down and see what you like best.

4) Ask to See the Screen. In our last set of family photos, I wore a scarf that (to me) looked like it was doubling as a neck brace. And it drives me crazy EVERY time I look at the photos, even though I’m sure no one else even notices it. That’s why I stand by my next tip, however controversial it is with other photographers. I generally find it is very helpful to show my client the back of my camera a couple times throughout the shoot, especially after the first few shots. Our job is to make sure YOU love your photos, and sometimes there may be things you are aware of or dislike that we simply don’t see. Asking to look at a couple early shots can help you be sure your hair looks the way you’d like it to or adjust any clothing that isn’t sitting as it should. And it reduces the chance that there will be any disappointments later (like an entire session with a neck-brace scarf).

5) Talk to Your Photographer. As a photographer, I welcome honest input about anything you want to capture AND anything you are concerned about. We all have hang-ups and I guarantee if you share them with your photographer, they will have tricks and strategies to play down the stuff that bugs you. And it will help you relax and enjoy the time if you know that someone else has you covered.

That’s it! I applaud your decision to capture memories with your kids. We mommas are an important bunch and I hope these tips help you radiate the love you have for your family.


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Kristin Lunny